Hi, I’m Big Mac. Others know me as Tank, MacNasty, Chewy, Macster, MacMac, or just plain MAC. My mom calls me lots of other words, and not sure what they mean, but she gets loud and her face turns really red and they are always followed by “bad boy”…so while I think she’s talking to me, I’m not always sure.

I was born in Swoope, VA on June 17, 2017, right here in the Valley, so I’m a local lab. My doggie mom is Bailey and doggie dad is Reggie. I have 6 brothers and sisters, and lucky for me, I get to see my favorite brother Kai, all the time at my human mom’s office. She says taking me to work is good for the soul. My favorite things to do are tease my brother Kai, eat, play in my puppy pool, sharpen my teeth on all of mommy’s shoes, eat mulch, wrestle with my brother Kai, chew on my hedgehog, chase balls, and did I mention eat and beat up my brother Kai? My mom is teaching me all kinds of new things like come, sit, and stay. She also says “no bite” all the time, and makes a funny sound and says lots of bad words when I do…..so I must not be very good at listening to her.

My mom’s name is Lillian and she runs a real estate business and says having me around is a win-win. She says doggies teach us how to a better business people. She says loyalty is her favorite trait about me, and loyalty to her customers is very important part of business, because her clients depend on her for everything when it comes to real estate. My mom says I teach her patience, and rather than giving up on me, she keeps trying to teach me “no bite” all day everyday, and teaches me how to be listen rather than bark all the time. I can stay active around for hours and hours, and mom says it reminds her of life in general. It takes persistence to get ahead, and says one day I’m going to be a GREAT dog. I don’t know how to thank my mom, so I just wag my tail, and try to lick her face when he reaches down to pet me. Truth is…she’s a sucker for my appreciation. Try it. Mom uses a big word called gra-ti-tude. She says, we humans should learn to say “thank you” more often to each other. I’m starting to think we pups are teaching the human world more than we’re learning, so maybe that’s our purpose. Maybe that’s why mom really got me, so I can teach her to be a better human and better businesswoman.

I’m always at the office, and love ALL kinds of treats, so if you ever want to meet me, stop by my mom’s office in Fishersville. If you want to sell your home, or buy one, stop by my mom’s office. Did I mention I LOVE treats?