Is there any flower more joyful than a sunflower with its golden head turned towards the sun?

These tall, bright, bold, strong, vibrant, free swaying in the breeze flowers do wonders for the soul.  We dare you to look at a field, with acres upon acres, planted with sunflowers and try not to smile.  It is impossible!  We all get the warm fuzzy feeling from sunflowers.


At Boutique Real Estate Inc., one of our favorite times of the year, is when fields, just outside of Harrisonburg, VA are painted in sunshine.  Sunflower goodness sunshine.  Frazier Quarry’s Hope Field All You Can Pick Sunflowers soul warming sunshine.  Once a year, and for one weekend only, Hope Field, is open to the public to gather as many sunflowers as your arms can hold. And our arms can hold A LOT of sunflowers.  The cost?  Well, that’s up to you.  The suggested donation is $5/bunch however, we don’t know anyone that only donates $5.


This annual event, which has raised money in the past for Walk for Hope, an annual grassroots event held at area collegiate campuses, focusing on raising awareness about mental health, depression and suicide amongst college age youth was started by the Frazier’s and local colleges.  This year, Hope Field Sunflowers, will raise money for the Sentara Rockingham Memorial Hospital Foundation’s Hope Fund.  The Hope Fund helps to provide patients, no matter their financial position, the cancer care that they need.  Specifically, this year, the donations will be directed towards providing preventative screenings for those without insurance as well as medications for patients who cannot afford them.  All the proceeds, that is right, 100%, will be donated to the Hope Fund.

We cannot think of a more enjoyable way to spend a weekend morning, than gathering armfuls of sunflowers while supporting a local foundation.  We gather sunflowers for ourselves, the office, our friends, our families, local nursing homes, and for those that are unable to attend the event.  Walking through the fields with our friends and families, taking in the sunshine and beauty of Mother Nature, we feel the work week woes melt away while also taking time to reflect.  There is no better place for reflection than a field full of soul warming and soul soothing sunshine.


Not being Debbie Downers, but cancer (just as depression, mental health challenges & suicide), it just flat out sucks.  Anyway, we can give back to those diagnosed, and make their day a little bit easier, than we will.  When we can give back locally, knowing that our dollars stay locally to help members of our community then we are in.  Especially knowing that 100% of those dollars stay locally!  We might be a real estate firm, we might do interior design work, we happen to sell lifestyles-not just homes, but our commitment and ties to our community run deep.  This community is our home, it is what we love and when you live in the Shenandoah Valley the community is your life link.  The foundation and spirit of the Shenandoah Valley community is in helping your neighbors and there is no better way to help your neighbors than by heading out to Hope Field to pick armfuls of Mother Nature’s sunshine to brighten up the day.


Supporting community based charities and foundations is what being LoCal is all about.  This goes beyond spending dollars locally to support small business and infrastructure.  Supporting community based charities and foundations goes towards helping one another.  It, like the sunflowers, is rooted in community pride.


“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows.  Its what sunflowers do.” – Hellen Keller

If you are new to the Shenandoah Valley, or a lifelong resident that is not familiar with Frazier Quarry’s Hope Field, we hope to see you out there next year!  We will be the girls, tripping over our own two feet, stumbling under armloads of Mother Nature’s soulful sunshine, sunflowers.