Size DOES Matter:

Ever wonder what the Boutique Difference really is? Choosing the best firm to represent you when buying or selling a home depends largely on your needs.

We know that each client has different needs.  Instead of focusing on the number of homes clients sell or purchase, we concentrate on Customer Service.  Our clients are special to us and we make sure the experience they have is always one of a kind. At Boutique Real Estate, we strive for your satisfaction.

Our small close-knit group at Boutique Real Estate helps to facilitate the needs of each agent and therefore each need of their clients.  By choosing our firm you can guarantee that our entire office is dedicated to your best interest. We have the ability to design a personalized program to better meet the needs of our clients and agents which fundamental to our mission.

Boutique Real Estate Inc. is a small, highly skilled and professional environment, which means you can expect our agents to be proficient, driven, and dedicated to YOU. We’re great listeners. We take the time to get to know you, and understand your needs since and believe that communication is key to matching you with the perfect home for YOUR lifestyle.

Our agents are handpicked and prepared to handle any kind of real estate transaction with professionalism and confidence. Unlike a franchise, or larger company, Boutique Real Estate Inc. has something to prove and doesn’t have a large brand name to use as a source of our worth.  Growing a successful real estate business goes beyond the name. It’s often believed that a large franchise can offer more services, access larger databases and have more connections. The internet is a great equalizer. The truth is…. we have the same access to the MLS, on the same home search websites, belong to real estate boards, and use social media. We are eager to show our abilities, cutting edge technology, in house marketing, and innovative techniques to compete with the larger firms. There are good agents in both styles of agencies but if you’re looking for a personalized unique experience, an agent that understands the local area with contacts in the local area, than it’s worth a look.

The market never sleeps.  We work tirelessly on your behalf. Our team is aggressive and decisive when it counts, putting our clients’ interests first. We do our due diligence leaving nothing to chance, and our clients count on us for thorough service every step of the way.  Accessibility is crucial to our client-focused approach, and our customers appreciate that we always go the extra mile.  Nothing is more important to us that customer service and “White Glove” service approach.

Your community is our community. Our firm is committed to this economically sound, beautiful and welcoming community because our business only does well if our community does well.

We love where we live. We love where we work. And love what we do. So, unless you’re a professional puppy cuddler, it doesn’t get better than this.  And that’s the Boutique Difference.

Size DOES matter.